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 the world’s first ‘Sustainability-as-a-Service’ platform.

  • Measure

  • Manage

  • Amplify

your sustainability journey in one place.

Zellar’s software

  • Simplifies your ecological data
  • Provides easy access to sustainability information
  • Informs your  business of the tools you need to make a difference

The software can show you if there is a need to transition to renewable energy, invest in local carbon biodiversity and offset projects.

Zellar sets the standard for sustainability measurement, bringing much needed clarity to the market by simplifying and offering sustainable solutions for businesses while giving consumers a tool that signposts those businesses committed to making a difference


A chance to get a year’s Zellar subscription for free!

Register your interest by Monday 26 July 2021
Want to be a more sustainable business but not sure where to start?  Zellar, launching later this year could help!
Zellar and Business Gateway are looking for 100 companies from all sectors across Leicester and Leicestershire, to take part in the Zellar pilot, which will be

free of charge for 12 months!

Companies keen to take part are encouraged to submit a short Expression of Interest form and all entries will be evaluated by a panel of experts.

You can find out more about the “100 ways to go greener” campaign here.

The closing date for applications is Monday 26 July 2021, those successful will be informed shortly after ahead of the official launch in September.


Sustainable Harborough

Sustainable Harborough Community and Sustainable Harborough Trust have been at the forefront of the environmental movement in Market Harborough and the wider District since 2007

They work together with the many environmental and sustainability groups and projects that exist across our district forming a network, supporting groups and individuals, maintaining a local ‘green voice’ and encouraging new ideas and projects. They aim to foster good working relations with the local authorities, to highlight and publicise local issues and activities.

The radical changes forced into effect by the pandemic, has revealed for Sustainable Harborough that ‘returning to normal’ is not an option, and significant changes are required to recover from the current climate and ecological crises.

Through their website, Sustainable Harborough provide local information about steps that businesses, groups and individuals can take to become more sustainable.

The Harborough Green Directory (a free online directory) celebrates businesses and organisations who offer services or products with green credentials.

Whether that is:

  • to bring your own packaging for refills,
  • purchase locally sourced products
  • recycle old items,
  • or installation of solar panels

The directory aims to gather together and celebrate all the green wonders that Harborough District has to offer. It currently represents over 60 businesses and organisations in and around Market Harborough, and their 12 Months of Action campaign has drawn further attention to specific green services available from some of these businesses.

Please visit the Sustainable Harborough website for more via the link below – they would love to have you involved!


Fair Trade Harborough

Great Big Green Week

The UK’s Great Big Green Week is coming up, from 18 – 26 September! Harborough is gearing up to be involved in this year’s event, with various groups from across the district collaborating to make it a huge success.

Stay tuned for more information about how your business can get involved this year!